“All Alone Here”, a short story


All Alone Here” is the story of Bernardo, who, trying to overcome his anxiety, accepts a job house-sitting his childhood friend’s house in his old hometown of San Felipe. Unfortunately, an accident makes him question his own sanity and his ability to finish the job.

It’s my second attempt at writing fiction in English, with Spanish being my first language, and it’s an attempt I am ultimately proud of. Thankfully, my amazing girlfriend, Emily Meers (who is a native English speaker), helped me revise it thoroughly and make sure it all made sense.

The studio I work at, Atomic Cartoons, holds a yearly convention (in May) in which we can sell and promote our own stuff, and I decided that I would like to participate this year. I will be bringing a few postcards AND a physical version of this short story, which I am printing through blurb.com.

I decided to put a lot of work into this. I made a bunch of drawings and digital paintings for the story, such as:

Illustration for Chapter 1

And this little drawing that is on the first page:

A Cempasúchitl flower

And a bunch more! I am really happy with how it turned out, and really excited for it to be read.

All Alone Here” is also now available through my Gumroad storefront in PDF format, for $3 CAD, and the first 25 people to click that link will get 50% off! 😀 I hope you enjoy it, if you choose to read it.


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